Update: Paperbacks, Tornadoes, and Public Speaking

There hasn’t been an update here for a long time, because I’m still in Thailand and I’ve been working very, very hard. Volunteering is a lot of work – fun, but difficult – and I don’t have a lot of down time to update. So sorry to all who have given up on the blog! Don’t lose faith! I am planning some writing tips, a character sketch or two, and a few insights into the world of publishing just as soon as I can get hand-to-keyboard to get it all down.

News. As you’re all aware, ‘Against the Elements’ has been out for over a month now (oh, thank you to everyone who’s bought and is supporting the Kindle cause!) and I promised you paperbacks within the first few weeks. Now, I spoke to IFWG Publishing and they told me that Amazon should have put up the paperbacks a long time ago. We’re currently trying to get hold of them to find out what’s wrong. Rest assured, there should be paperbacks at some point in the near future. Don’t fret!

In sad news, the IFWGP offices have been hit by a tornado. Many buildings have been destroyed; many people have lost a lot of things, including their livelihoods and their homes. My thoughts go out to all affected, and I hope in time rebuilding can take place.

Okay, now something a little more exciting. I’ve been approached by the Northern and Midlands Society of Young Publishers and Authors to speak at one of their events in the future! They are not only interested in ‘Against the Elements’, but they are also interested in IFWGP and the way it was set up. I’m very excited and honoured to be asked to speak, and I will have further details in the future.

If you have a review of  ‘Against the Elements’, please contact me. I would leave to hear your views and feedback, and it might just end up on this ol’ website.

If you want to interview me, or would be interested in being interviewed for the blog, the same applies!

‘Against the Elements’ has its own Facebook page. Make sure to ‘like’ it and share it with your friends.

I think that’s everything. Stay tuned!


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