Marketing: The Checklist

  • Posters and leaflets (the latter of which with your blog, Facebook page etc on)
  • Books – seems obvious, but make sure you have a fair supply with you
  • Something to say – don’t just repeat your book blurb. Be able to think on your feet.
  • Something comfortable to sit on and a warm jumper, especially if you’re going to be outside / in an air conditioned space
  • Pens
  • Other marketing material – some people make bookmarks, fridge magnets, pencils, all in the name of book promotion. If you have the money and the contacts, why not?
  • Diary – not only will this have information of where and when you have to be on what date, but if someone asks you to appear somewhere while you’re out and about, be ready to mark down what they want to say to you.
  • Umbrella

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