A Social Experiment and a Giveaway

Hello all. Two things today – my social writing experiment and my Four Elements Giveaway.

Let’s deal with the experiment first. One of the things I’ve really wanted to do with this blog is make it about my experiences with writing. I’ve decided one of the best ways to do this is to work through a novel on the blog and let you guys see how I do things. I’m cheating a little, because the novel I’ll be discussing I’ve already written but is not on computer or edited yet. Its name is Heath of Fire and, like Against the Elements, I wrote it very young. I’m hoping that by using this blog as a comment on the way I work with Heath of Fire will not only be beneficial for you guys, but also for me.

The Giveaway is a little more exciting. On April 20th it will be Against the Elements’ four-month anniversary. And I’m planning on doing something a little special for it. Watch this space.


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