The Four Elements Giveaway: The War – Winners Revealed

A warm, unnatural breeze rushed by the flags and tents of the four armies. It smelled of smoke, and ash, and it made stomach churn and soldiers shiver with anticipation as it passed. The flags danced; the flagbearers stood strong against the wind.

Word eventually came to all camps: Fire’s army outnumbered all others, some by as much as five to one. Uneasy at the news, the armies made their preparations.

Unlikely truces were hatched. Air and Earth, the smallest forces, bore each others’ company just long enough to agree that unless they worked together they would be done for, and they shook on their one-time peace, and marched under united banners. Fire, always brash, saw only its numbers and its strength, and watched its enemies marching on with a quiet confidence.

Water stayed silent, waiting.

The first casualties were at noon. In the high sun Earth and Air hit Fire’s barricades. Earth’s men, weak under the prevailing burning element, fell fast and thick. Air’s soldiers ran over them in the rush to cause equal damage.

Water stayed silent, watching.

The fighting lasted longer than anyone would have guessed. Earth’s general, Richard, broke enemy lines for enough time for his forces to enter the stronghold, and caused significant losses to Fire’s troops; Air’s general, Ellie, fought by his side as Fire regrouped.

On the hill, Water’s general, Rod Bowker, finally ordered his men to march.

Ryan, general of Fire’s army, could do nothing. As his men retreated from the strange alliance, Water’s armies came up behind and began slaughtering all they could see.

Alas, the Elemental War ended as all others: with no clear victor and with many dead. Seeing the futility, and with little chance to capture any enemy generals, the armies retreated at sundown and counted their dead.


There we have it: the winners of the Four Elements Giveaway.

Fire – Ryan (blog entrant)

Water – Rod Bowker (Twitter entrant)

Earth – Richard (blog entrant)

Air – Ellie (blog entrant)

To all who participated, it was a long fight, but a good one. Thank you for your continued support and well done to the Generals, who will be receiving their free, signed copies very shortly. Generals, I will need postal addresses and e-mail addresses so I can get to you with further details. Please e-mail me at

Until next giveaway, folks!


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