Update – Slippery Slopes and Hills to Climb

Hello all. It’s been quiet on the home front recently because work leaves me physically and emotionally drained, and I’ve not actually done anything I can really call writing recently, but I’ll give you the low down.

Hey, remember Circle, that notoriously long and tedious novel I’ve been working on? Well, I think it’s finally on its slippery slope downwards. Every novel has that pinnacle in it I guess, where you reach a point you’ve been working so hard towards and now it’s just a case of running down to the end. This, more than anything, is a massive relief – not because I’ve not enjoyed it, but because I’ve found this novel impossible hard, probably the hardest thing to write I’ve ever done. It’s also a hell of a lot longer than I anticipated; when I started I promised myself it would be short and sweet. I haven’t done long-haul first person before. I didn’t want to wreck myself. But, slowly and surely, a few pages at a time, I’m getting there.

Son of Songs, my glorious and endlessly fun graphic novel project, has been placed on the back burner and is simmering softly away to itself while I gather my ideas into a good place and while Joe finishes his uni course. Then I’m expecting to do a long meeting. After that, perhaps some news.

The other two things rolling around in my brain, the first entitled Kings and Queens (a pseudo-superhero story involving King Arthur, Morgan Le Fay and some sweet metal hands) and the second brought on by the reading of ‘The Hunger Games’, something with about seven pages about flowers and strange masked men, are rolling around in my brain until further notice.

Heath of Fire is sitting beside me awaiting my attention.


In other news, I’m making an appearance at the Society of Young Publishers’ event in Leeds on 30th August, at 7pm. There, I’ve been invited to talk about Against the Elements and the publishing process – it’s £2 for non-members, so if you’re free, pop on down.

I’m also trying to organise an event in Camberley in August, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I’m also sorting my uni place, doing my job, and attempting to sleep.

So apologies for the slow reading, ladies and gents, but normal service should resume in a week or two.

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