Update: Cancellations, Competitions and C-C-C-Kobo

Okay, so the blog has fallen by the wayside, but not for good reason. I’ve been really busy organising, travelling, researching and generally doing lots of things, but there’s lots of news.

Firstly, some not so good news. The event ‘The Going Back and Forth’ on 6th August has been cancelled due to problems on the organiser’s end. It’s a shame and I’m gutted, but don’t forget there’s still the SYP event on 30th. Details on the events page.

In other unrelated news, the publishing company IFWG Publishing launched their short story contest, Story Quest, this morning. It’s a themed spec-fic contest with a cash prize and publication, and it’s worth a go to all who try it! Details on the website: www.ifwgpublishing.com

And, last but not least, Against the Elements is now on Kobo reader! You can get it on Amazon. I’m also giving away a free copy for the 50th person who likes the Facebook page. Spread the word!

Research for Son of Songs is going steady – we’re hoping to get some pages up this summer, so keep it here for news.


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