Monthly Archives: October 2012

Oh, plus, one of my short stories is being published in SQ Mag next month, entitled Azurewrath.

It’s free to read it, so, y’know, you should.


Hey guys.

Sorry the blog has been a dead space recently – I’ve been super busy with my teacher training course and haven’t really *GASP* done any writing.

There are, however, a few developments I thought I’d share with you.

Firstly, my fabled graphic novel Son of Songs is beginning to take some sort of artistic shape. Joe and I have had several meetings and done some panelling and are pleased to report that everything’s going swimmingly. With luck, you might start to see some of our work by Christmas.

Heath of Fire is one of the things not being written.

Circle is one of the things not being written.

In fact, nothing is being written.

At the moment, that’s because I’m exhausted. I’m not in a real set routine for my work / writing life yet. Rest assured, I’ll be hitting you guys with some blogs soon.

Oh, and over on Facebook, the 50th person to ‘like’ the Against the Elements page gets a free book. So get to it.

I hate editing.

Sure, it’s nice to revisit your characters, and sometimes yeah, it’s quite cool seeing what you came up with way back when. But oh God, editing is dull and tedious and should be avoided at all costs.

‘But Esme!’ I hear you cry. ‘Editing is all about perfecting your craft!

Nope. It’s about picking at scabs.

I’m all for making yourself better at things. I mean, I don’t ever get it right first time. I don’t edit as I go because I find it interrupts the flow. Then, when I’m done, I leave it alone. The only real, serious editing I do is when I’m trying to make something publishable.

Which is what I’ve been doing this week.


Here, I applaud my younger self. She had a great grasp of character, and some of her settings are truly original, and her dialogue can really pack a punch. But I swear to God, if I see in another of her sentences ‘a little’ or ‘just’ or ‘slightly’ I am going to go back in time and kick her butt. She never uses proper sentence structure and some of her descriptions are plain banal. Physically, I cringed at some points. She starts sentences with conjunctions and prepositions and everything hurts.

It’s excruciating, having to hate your writing so much as to change it. And then when there are bits you love, it’s just as painful to cut things out or chop off words. I always get scared I’m going to delete something good and never remember what it was. Sometimes it’s hard just wondering why you put that comma there.

I know some people love editing. You’re all a bunch of sadistic freaks. I feel like George Lucas, constantly going back and pulling it to bits so much you ruin it.

But I know it’s necessary. And that’s what sucks about it.

Fortunately, if you hate editing like I do, there are often some of those sadistic freaks who love editing around who’ll gladly do the horrible thing as a favour, or for free in some cases. (Stephanie Cox, applause). It’s one of those things, I guess. Some people are good at it, others aren’t.

I have no coping strategies for editing. Just get your nut down and get it done. It’s hard, but worth it. When you read it again it’ll be polished and professional.

And you never know, a big publisher might just like it that way.

What about you guys? Yay for editing or condemn it to death? Discuss.