Writing Resolutions

As a writer, you are constantly trying to improve and up your game. So it’s only fitting that any resolutions you have should be writing based. They needn’t be difficult (like write a trilogy) or even important. As long as they will help you, and they’re achievable (let’s face it, how many of us make resolutions that are impossible?), then no big deal.

  • Finish Circle. I have, actually, written a whole chapter this New Year already, and am well on the way to finishing.
  • Type up Heath of Fire. Work on Heath has been slow. I propose at least a chapter a week.
  • Stop using ‘just’ and ‘a little’. It’s annoying.
  • This year will be the Year of Son of Songs. And that’s exciting.
  • If all of the above is completed, begin work on Kings and Queens.  Which will also be exciting.

It’s going to be tough, what with all of the work for my PGCE to do (I am doing a 50% timetable this term, as well as all of my uni work), but I’m hoping that I will spend less of my time playing Bejewelled and more time actually writing when I’m free.

Happy New Year, everyone. What are your writing resolutions?


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