Of Multiple Things

Hello all.

As previously mentioned, blogging / writing / doing anything other than my teaching qualification is going very slowly at the moment – apologies for the lack of contact.

1. Son of Songs

Son of Songs is steaming away like a steam-powered fast thing. I’ve just finished Chapter Sixteen – anyone who follows my Twitter feed will have noticed that it’s been something of a sad chapter. I am coming to the end of the script – there are only about 4 chapters left to write, and everything is coming together. I’m at a stage now where I know everything that’s going to happen from here on in. And it’s pretty exciting.

There’s also something going on with S.O.S. that is even more exciting but that I can’t as of yet announce – keep it glued here for updates. Don’t forget, also, that Joe Clark (the artist) has a Twitter and a blog and all sorts of lovely things too. Pop over to http://www.josephjohnclark.co.uk/blog to say hello.

2. Heath of Fire

Despite my New Year’s Resolution to do a chapter a week, it just hasn’t been physically possible. I’m planning on doing a chapter this week, so expect a blog post about it soon. I am still aiming to get it done by June. It’s a shame because I enjoy writing it, but hey, life.

3. Circle

I think it’s better if we just don’t talk about it.

4. Against the Elements

It’s nearly ATE’s first birthday, and I’m trying to find something to do to celebrate. If you’ve got ideas, put them on the Facebook page, or here on the blog. Someone may win a copy…

5. Other Things

A certain controversial novel has recently been brought to my attention. I’m following it up.

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  1. Michael Fletcher said:

    Hey, a year of having a book out – a book that’s received great reviews and read by many. A great achievement, and against the elements that affect all writers. Think of it as the prow of an icebreaker hitting a pristine sheet of ice. Nothing in front but look what you leave behind.

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