Writing: The Beginning of the End of the Beginning

As of two minutes ago, I wrote The End on Son of Songs.

I feel… sweaty. Emotional sweaty. It’s been a couple of hours of fighting tears and tying loose ends, and leaving some loose for fun. My hands are a bit shaky and I feel kind of light headed, and happy and sad at the same time.

I always feel like this at the end of a project. It’s an emotional thing. For so long the same story has been part of you, and all at once it is no longer your story to tell. Because the story is told. And that’s a weird kind of feeling. It does feel very final.

Unlike most of my other projects, however, this isn’t really the end. There are still pictures to go with the words. Worlds to create in colour and line. Parts of the story will inevitably have to change to fit a medium I’ve never worked in before. That is at once exciting and frightening. Son of Songs will leave my hands and be crafted by someone else. There will be questions asked about how I chose to end it, and why. Why certain characters never appear, and why some do. But there’s time enough for that I guess.

I know I have other stories about these characters to tell. Probably not as comic books. But that’ll be good fun, exploring their lives in prose.

I can’t wait to see them alive.

1 comment
  1. The Coffee Queen said:

    Congrats and jubilations! Can’t wait to read it!

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