Monthly Archives: November 2013

Hello ladies and gents. I’m back.

So, where’ve I been? Well, between teaching and working at teaching and doing barely any writing, I have been neglecting pretty much everything except work stuff. Which sucks hugely, because I want to write.

I went to Thought Bubble in Leeds again this year, one of the greatest networking opportunities out there. It’s also fun. Networking can be one of the most nervewracking things out there. It’s hard to go up to people and be like, ‘hey, I have something worth looking at, this isn’t weird at all!’ because, well, it’s weird. When you see those big names out there you start to have minor freak outs and all the people you met before either remember you and you don’t remember them or vice versa.

It’s also very comforting, in a way. Comic book people are so supportive of others, so willing to see other people’s work. And when you walk around, you can get this sense of ‘yes, my stuff is this good‘. In some cases, it’s better.

Comic books are getting ever more diverse, too, and looking for more input, so in all it’s a good thing to push yourself out there. Meet other writers and artists and get your name heard.

Anyway, I sprained my ankle. So…

Oh, and is live, so check it out!