A Tonne of Stuff (Or How I’m a Terrible Blogger)

I suck.

I suppose the reason I haven’t really blogged a lot lately is large and varied. Firstly, work. Actual real life work. The whole thing has been hugely stressful lately due to a lot of circumstances totally out of my control. That’s fine. Secondly, I bought a PS4. Which really is no excuse but JESUS IT’S AMAZING. Thirdly, I have been (shock horror) writing.

Writing, then. I’m really getting into my new novel (still tentatively titled Ash-Brides). It’s really refreshing to feel like I don’t totally hate my characters. It’s nice, too, to write in a new style. This one is first person present tense, like The Hunger Games (I started writing it after I read said trilogy), and I find it a fluid, easy-to-create-in style. You retain the element of mystery that you lose in first person past tense, I think, because your character experiences in real time. Anything that happens outside that is unknown and can be brought in later.

It’s funny, too, because I am experimenting with a totally new kind of character. One of my characters clearly has a psychosis, or some form of post-traumatic stress. He behaves erratically and sometimes does things without reason or rhyme due to terrible experiences in his past. And I’m really enjoying that, too. He is a wholly sympathetic character, fighting against the protagonist who does not understand him at all. Personally, I know a few people who have mental health issues and I think it’s important that these, and people’s reactions to them, are explored.

However, my friend Laura gave me a book that sounds very, very similar to mine, so I’m having minor palpitations about the thought of writing it now, just in case.

Anyway, I’m 20 chapters in now and I’ve only seriously been writing it for a short amount of time. So I think it’ll be done quickly and then I can move onto Kings and Queens (REMEMBER THAT?!).

In terms of other things, like inspiration, I want to talk about some comics, some video games and other such nonsense, but later. And, of course, more ins-and-outs about Ash-Brides.

Hopefully, more regularly.

  1. I know too well all of these distractions, but you lost me as soon as you said those spine chilling words: Playstation 4. Sorry. Xbox all the way. Borderlands 2 is my reason for not doing anything, ever. A self-imposed ban is the only reason for more recent postings and actual writing!

    Keep going and keep that pretty chin up, Esme, because one of us needs to produce something epic and I sincerely doubt it’ll be me.

    Shout next time you’re in town, a motivational coffee would be ideal x

    • esmelc said:

      Haha, well now I think I hate you, you dirty XBoxer.

      I keep trying to put a schedule on, but I just have no will-power… And shut up, you’re a way better writer than me! Motivational coffee sounds awesome 🙂

      • Well I’m now “motivationally freelance” (my new term for unemployed) so my time is free. I mean, flexible. Obviously am writing alllll the time. Yes. All the time.

        But I can scrape some minutes together for caffeine, always 🙂 and shush. Thank you, but shush with the nonsense. x

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