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Back again.

It’s been my six week holiday from school and I reckoned I was going to get a tonne of writing done in this time. Recently my writing habits have changed from sitting at a desk, listening to music to lying on the sofa after work, typing small paragraphs with the TV on. It works, to a point, but obviously not all of my attention is focused on what I’m doing. I browse between Internet pages and writing dialogue, doing quick refreshes of my mind before ploughing back in for 15 lines and surfacing for air again.

When I first started writing, I could write uninterrupted for periods of up to five hours and not break a sweat. I’m going to put that down to the fact that younger brains can inhabit made-up spaces for longer periods of time. My life is now dictated by food shopping, paying bills, marking and other bits and pieces that take up your day. My real imaginative periods are when I’m driving (which is probably super dangerous) or just before I go to sleep. During the day, I just have far too many things to think about to be sitting and writing.

It does make me feel guilty. I mean, I have lots to finish. It’s difficult to decide whether to write or read. After a long day at work, it’s tiring to put myself into a different, imaginative space and be creative. So I reckoned holiday time would be writing time.

Honestly? I think in the last six weeks, I’ve done maybe 10 hours of writing. Between visiting people, and vegging out, and adult things, my mind has been less focused on getting my novel finished than it has been on actually recharging my batteries and getting ready for school again. I even typed a little of Heath of Fire (yeah, remember that?!) and today I’ve spent the vast majority of my day popping down a few sentences in my second Ash-Brides novel, tentatively titled Warrior’s Ward.

It’s funny. Creativity is a strange thing. Sometimes, you need to do something fresh to find it. Sometimes, it’s just a thing that you do to get out of your day. It is never something that comes when it is convenient. How many times have I had a great idea in the middle of the night, or brushing my teeth, or going round a roundabout? And then, by the time you get to writing it down, it is gone or deflated or useless.

It does not come when called. I wish it did. I could have been so productive. But really, I think I needed this time to refresh and get better.

So, when are you most creative?



Against the Elements is out – again – a UK re-release  with a brand spanking new cover and reformatted into UK English. I think you’ll agree the new cover is beautiful.

draft front cover ate

It’s been done by Elizabeth Lang who designs a lot of IFWG Publishing’s new covers.

Hopefully, the new release will mean that I can do some bookshop visits in the UK, so watch this space.

The old edition of the book is now no longer in print – but I have a bunch of them left, so if you want the old cover, get in touch.

You can get the new version for e-book here.

You can get the new version in paperback here.