Monthly Archives: August 2015

Hello. My bad.

Life, huh? Isn’t it the worst? You have all these well-meaning plans and suddenly, they don’t go so well and everything you meant to do runs away from you.

Not just here, either. I’ve barely been writing. Anything at all.

But, things are kind of coming back around. I’ve recharged my batteries during the summer holidays and the daze is lifting. The writing daze, the routine daze, the adult life daze, all are sort of realigning. When big things happen, the little things stop, and a lot of big things have happened recently that I’m not going to go into here, but trust me, they’ve taken a lot of my time.

However, I’m reorganising my life. I’ve got a budget plan, and a daily organiser, and routines to start again. One of those is finally finishing Heath of Fire (OH YEAH THAT THING) and getting around to editing some things, both of those I shall be blogging about soon. I’m also going to drop a blog next week about refreshing your writing, which I’ve had to do this week because I’ve been stuck in The Worst Writing Funk Ever.

I’m coming back, guys. This time, for realsies.