Editing: Out of the Storm

Well, it’s been some months since I finished my famous edit.

My thoughts about it are mostly positive, which I hadn’t expected when I embarked upon it. I feel like some progress was made, even if at points I added more than I took away. The only niggle I have is that I feel like towards the end of the process, I was cutting corners – not reading sections properly and getting lazy towards cutting. Still, it’s more editing on these novels than I’ve ever done, so there’s that.

Upon finishing the edit, I became more creative. I think restricting myself to proof-reading and cutting made me appreciate how nice it is to write freely. I finally finished the Ash-Brides trilogy, and made great strides towards making it reader friendly – AND I embarked on a new project, as yet untitled. Having the time and energy to devote to a project like that full time is so refreshing. I didn’t need to feel guilty that I was neglecting other aspects of my life so I could write, or vice versa. This is the most creative I’ve been for years, and I’m sustaining it, too.

There is still a paper edit on the cards here, but not right now. I’ve just finished a huge move, across the Atlantic (!) and dealing with the paperwork for that has been soul-crushing. It’s nearly over, and I’m glad.

The other big thing I’ve accomplished is I sent out a short story to a competition. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for years, and I know to some, this isn’t a big deal at all. For me, this is a huge step towards publishing again. I’m so protective of my work that any sort of step towards rejection is frightening for me, but it’s important to try.

Something else creative I’ve embarked on is a music project  with my friend, Alex. We review classic albums, picked for us by friends, and put them on this blog here. It’s updated nearly every day, so check it out.

Okay, that’s my update over. I have to get back to space.


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