Esme Carpenter started writing at the age of twelve and since then has never looked back. Despite completing a five-book series by fifteen, she couldn’t stop, resulting in a backlog of fantasy and science-fiction novels decaying on her hard drive, awaiting liberation (and possibly a good edit).

An avid reader all her life, Esme always enjoyed stories. Her love of both writing and reading led her to the University of East Anglia to study English Literature and Creative Writing; she graduated summer 2011. Esme enjoys, amongst other things, comic books, video games and music, the latter of which gives her the best inspiration and is often used to drive her stories. She has written a graphic novel and is currently dabbling in adult fiction. Against the Elements is her debut novel, written when she was fifteen and edited at the tender age of twenty-one.

Esme originally hails from York, England, but lives in California, with a ridiculous amount of nerdy memorabilia, including a husband and a cat.

To find out more about Against The Elements, please visit

LAST SEEN: Planetine – an artistic exhibition about science fiction and science fact. Visit the Facebook page here, or the Twitter here for details. 4/5/16, Leeds, UK.

 Upcoming Publications

Short story ‘Harry’s Shiver’ in Best of British Science Fiction 2018, Newcon Press

Recent Publications

Short story ‘Harry’s Shiver’ in Shoreline of Infinity Issue 13

Short story ‘Azurewrath’ in Star Quake 1.

‘Against the Elements’ UK re-release.

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  1. I listed you as one of my fifteen recently found blogs in my acceptance of the Versatile Blogger Award – thus giving you the award, too. I view it as an opportunity to let people know about blogs they might not have found otherwise. And your blog is one I definitely enjoy following. Keep up the great work!

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