IFWG Publishing

IFWG Publishing is a small traditional publisher, specialising in spec-fic. It was started on the internet by writers, for writers, for the sole purpose of helping people become published authors for the first time. It now has an American and Australian imprint. I am one of the founders based in the UK. While we are small we have big dreams, and we like to think we make people’s dreams come true. If you have a moment, please check out our website, our blog, or our Twitter feed, and spread the word.



SQ Magazine

SQ Magazine, or Story Quest Magazine, started life as a hardcopy quarterly magazine published by IFWG Publishing. It became a bi-monthly e-zine, starting from 1st March 2012. Unfortunately, SQ Magazine closed its doors early last year. It’s still live, and you can follow the link above to purchase copies of the anthologies, magazines and to see the online archive.

Ez Takes Thailand

(WARNING: may contain slightly immature ramblings, and a tiny bit of bad language)

Ez Takes Thailand is a travel blog, which documents the process, preparations for and realities of volunteering abroad. Perfect for first time travellers, those interested in a different pace, and people who want to have a bit of a giggle.

Son of Songs

A sci-fi web comic, a sort of cross between Indiana Jones, the Da Vinci Code, and Star Wars, written by me, drawn by my good friend Joe ‘Thief’ Clark.

Check out his website: http://www.josephjohnclark.co.uk/

I also write articles.

Kotaku: Meet the 100-Percenters

I was interviewed for Kotaku on my thoughts about completing video games, in which I also discuss how that links to my writing.

Lord Eels Music

Every week, my friend Alex is given ten albums to review from his friends, often classic or game-changing. And every week, he gives me one, too. Reviews on music by music lovers.


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